left right baby shower game


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left right baby shower game

The idea of this game is that the hostess will read out the story for the left right baby shower game and every time left is said the tags need to be passed left, every time right is said they need to be passed right.  Sounds simple hey?  Not quite when you realize just how many times left & right can be said in a few minutes.

Don’t read this to slow. It will make the left right baby shower game much funnier as your guests try to keep up. The Left Right baby shower game is a well known bridal shower activity that involves no setup. It’s a easy game many people have played, but still remains a favourite.  It is such a simple game that everyone can become involved in, due to the amount of laughter this game creates it makes a fantastic ice breaker,  best of all, no one will know who the winner is until the very last second so it’s exciting.

Includes: story, 2 prize tags and 2 prizes

*prizes will vary but may include simple jewellery pens, notebooks, nail files,magnets & soaps.  Sometimes we have in stock it’s a boy/ girl stock so when you choose girl or boy we will aim to send a prize for the gender, if we dont have any in stock we will simple send something general.

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