Hens night badge set includes bride to be and more.


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Hens night badge set includes bride to be and more.

Add fun and laughter to the bachelorette party by using this fun hens night badge set.

Give 1 badge to each lady as a favour, place them on the table as table decorations or save them as prizes

These can be used to decorate the bride to be in a unique way. Or share our amongst the bridal party & guests. Why not turn these hens night badges into a game and let guests work out which badge most suits each person.

Step out in style on your party night, great for Brides to Be,Bachelorette,Bridal Showers etc Imagine the whole group wearing these great hens party badges for their night on the town.

Add detail and fun to your night out and make it a memorable occasion by dressing up and creating a fun party atmosphere.


Each pack includes 1 bride to be badge and seven smaller badges with the following:

cheif bridesmaid, sexy chick, party animal, disco diva, flirt alert, dancing queen, and cheeky devil

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