baby shower balloons, unisex stitching decorations


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baby shower balloons, unisex stitching decorations

These baby shower balloons are great to decorate a little girls or boys baby shower.

Bring the party together by theming your baby shower with an amazing selection of baby shower party decorations such as these  baby shower unisex balloons.

A room can sometimes look quite empty without some fantastic decorations hanging down from the ceiling or walls. We tend to find that our baby shower decorations adds a touch of fun and character to a room, and at a baby shower that is an absolute necessity.

These balloons can be matched with a range of colored party accessories and tableware to complete the look.


* Mix of pink, green, blue and yellow in each pack.

* white print on both colours

*printed on one side of balloons

*30cm balloons

* helium quality, or air.

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Dimensions 18 x 15 x 1.5 cm


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