animal balloons, walking kids party decorations or gift


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Animal balloons, walking kids party decorations or gift


Each pack includes one inflatable animal  balloon plus a ribbon leash. Simply use a household straw to inflate the animal – best used with helium and will perform best that way but can also be filled with regular air and used as a decoration.

When inflated via helium, the feet weigh the balloon down so the feet stay on the ground. The walking pets body floats just above the ground.

The balloon comes with a piece of curling ribbon that you tie onto a hole / inflation area at the front of the balloon.  You can use this to walk you pet.  When pulling your pet it will hop along and bob up and down.



Instructions on rear of pack.

dinosaur (75cm x 42cm)

dog (60cm x 28cm)

elephant (45cm x 80cm)

pig (58cm x 46cm)

Self sealing valve



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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 22 x 18 x 1 cm

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